Victor Lvov

Опубликовано: 06.07.2018 в 11:03


Категории: Ведущий на свадьбу,Рекомендации

My name is Victor Lvov, I’m a professional presenter, showman and magician.

I am ready to hold for you any event – wedding, anniversary, corporate, and together with you we will make this holiday unforgettable!
For you will be presented:

Professional sound of the holiday
with a total power of 2 kW
Professional light, drawing multicolor lasers, pouring light, 14 gobo-instruments + smoke
Costume and carnival animation, growth dolls
The magician’s performance – illusions, levitation, transformation, interactive tricks with guests
Using the projector, online photo, slideshow
Games, contests, quizzes
Photographers Service
Video operator services
Decoration of the hall – floristics, aerodesign, etc.
I will sing with pleasure for you!