Irina Maremkulova

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⚜ I’m Irina and with you on me ⚜
Do you want makeup from the best beauty studio?
Call 👉 8 (926) 547-92-15
Only I give a 30% discount on makeup for photoset by Elena Samsonova 😍

I can transform anyone who is in my hands – in the process of creating the image you will feel only the light strokes of a dozen brushes and the heady aroma of my perfumes with oriental notes … and … There is nothing to say! – I myself will create a unique image from scratch! In addition, I have an excellent taste, sense of style and I carefully monitor all fashion trends. There are no impossible tasks for me: swelling, bruising under the eyes, small wrinkles, second chins and puffy cheeks will disappear like a wave of a magic wand!
😉 See you 💋

Serine Greyan (Stylist-Makeup Artist-Brovist)

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Категории: Визажисты,Рекомендации

fashionable and sophisticated technology
Airtouch, Balayage, Shatush, Ombré
Ayrtach, Balayazh, Shatush, Ombre
Men’s / Women’s Haircut
Children’s haircut (up to 6 years at a discount)
Mani Pedi
Lip / eyebrow / eye tattoo
Makeup (Provided and Learned)
Brow Architecture / Henna and Dyeing (Conducted and trained)
Evening / Wedding hairstyles / styling
Botox Hair / Collagen Recovery
Hair spa / Absolute happiness for hair / and many treatments
Long-term eyebrow styling
Hair polish

Irina Zueva

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I myself was a bride and I know how exciting it is and any little thing can spoil your mood, so I try to always create comfortable conditions and make you not nervous and feel the most beautiful.
On this day, all the views are addressed to you and, of course, make-up and hairstyle must withstand any tests of the wedding day … therefore, always with special trepidation I treat bride gatherings.
You will forget that you need to adjust your makeup or hairdo throughout the day! And you will only enjoy happy moments, looking into the eyes of your beloved man and not be distracted by your appearance, knowing that everything is perfect.
Your wedding stylist Irina Zueva

Victor Lvov

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My name is Victor Lvov, I’m a professional presenter, showman and magician.

I am ready to hold for you any event – wedding, anniversary, corporate, and together with you we will make this holiday unforgettable!
For you will be presented:

Professional sound of the holiday
with a total power of 2 kW
Professional light, drawing multicolor lasers, pouring light, 14 gobo-instruments + smoke
Costume and carnival animation, growth dolls
The magician’s performance – illusions, levitation, transformation, interactive tricks with guests
Using the projector, online photo, slideshow
Games, contests, quizzes
Photographers Service
Video operator services
Decoration of the hall – floristics, aerodesign, etc.
I will sing with pleasure for you!

Elena Cherkashina

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Категории: Визажисты

My name is Elena, I’m a makeup artist – a make-up artist.
Do you want beauty? That way!!!
I will be happy to help you with this!

I offer you professional, high-quality make-up for any occasion of life.

– daily make-up
– evening make-up
– wedding make-up
– man’s make-up
– children’s makeup
– makeup for special occasions
– nude (natural make-up)
– eyebrow correction
– make-up for photo sessions
– makeup with elements of face and body art
– fantasy make-up
– podium makeup
– stage make-up